Resilience Knowledge Hub

The Resilience Knowledge Hub (RKH) plays a unique supportive role in generating new knowledge, research, learning, and policy recommendations about ZRBF experiences of working to build resilience in Zimbabwe. The RKH works to help ZRBF implementing partners to answer some of the broader questions about resilience building, working across the consortia to identify and document resilience building practices and areas for further interrogation, in trying to understand what resilience requires development partners, government and communities to do differently to achieve sustainable change.

The RKH working in collaboration with the PMU, consortia and government stakeholders will focus on:

  • Generating Knowledge through Research and Learning: RKH will be targeting high-relevance and high-impact areas for rigorous research into how we better build resilience in Zimbabwe. Growing a body of evidence & knowledge on what matters/works for resilience.
  •  Improving Effectiveness through Capacity Building: Drawing on the ZRBF community’s distinct assets and consortia successes, RKH is targeting crosscutting and individualized capacity building opportunities that help us communicate in a common resilience language when collaborating and draw on an evidence base of what works to improve our ability to achieve impacts.
  •   Amplifying Impact through Policy and Influence: RKH will facilitate a series of policy dialogues and briefs to help translate emerging evidence regarding what works when building resilience into clear, consensus-driven policy recommendations in order to guide decisions and investments by different actors across the board.

Two additional cross-cutting components underpin RKH’s work:

  • Gender and Youth Sensitivity: Because understanding who is vulnerable to shocks and stresses, and why, is at the heart of resilience building.
  • Knowledge Management and Communications: Given RKH’s role in catalysing connectivity, learning, and influence, the team has developed a comprehensive plan for supporting knowledge management and communications within and between each of the above areas.


The Resilience Knowledge Hub is led by Mercy Corps in partnership with the Institute of Environmental Studies (IES) and Technical Assistance to NGO’s (TANGO).


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